Turn intuition into analytics with the Data Attaché Program. We analyze internal company data to provide a holistic report that tells the story inside. This narrative will contain plots, graphs, and other visualizations describing the underlying factors affecting your business. Depending on your needs, we can provide predictive modeling services, bespoke internal tools, and integrated external data. Don't settle for a good solution. Pick the best one with the Data Attaché Program.

We leverage the huge advances in computational power and algorithmic design to bring our clients applications that breeze through tasks that typically consume thousands of person-hours. Examples include computer vision, feature extraction analysis, and regression using neural networks.

Nondestructive Materials Characterization

Ranking among the world's experts in 3D nondestructive materials characterization, we offer consulting services to firms wishing to leverage sophisticated infrastructure to achieve bleeding edge understanding of new materials. Services include high energy diffraction microscopy for spatial orientation and strain mapping, micro-computed tomography, and general radiography.

Device Fabrication and Automation

Could your business benefit from a custom designed and built device? Contact us about your needs and we’ll tell you what we can deliver.

Expert Witness Services

Expert witness services in physics are considered and provided on a case-by-case basis